Sagrada Familia (Spain Day 2, Pt 1)

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Our Day 2 itinerary:

  • Mid afternoon guided tour of La Sagrada Familia
  • 30 minute walk to dinner
  • 15 minute walk to Arch de Triumf

If you don’t know anything about Sagrada Familia or Gaudi — all you need to know is that Gaudi is an artist and architect who used gravity to design this structure which has been under construction for 130 years and it is truly spectacular. After learning about the amount of detail it has at every inch we understood why it is taking so long to complete. It’s truly jaw-dropping and inspiring. We highly recommend you do the guided tour or a ton of research ahead of time to truly appreciate this place.

Most interesting fact we learned:  La Sagrada just recently became an official basilica.

Here’s how we did it with kids:

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before so that you all use the bathroom and diaper change.
  • Feed the baby right before if possible. Full tummy = quiet baby.
  • 1 lightweight umbrella stroller & 1 carrier – if our 3 yr old got tired of walking, she hopped in the stroller and the baby went in the carrier
  • If you do the tour, then ask for an extra set of headphones for your Toddler or Little Big Kid.  They can listen in on your device without having to purchase a ticket for them.



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