We arrived in Barcelona early afternoon. We didn’t take long to travel from the airport to our first Airbnb in Cornella. When we booked the Airbnb we looked for a spot closest to the airport. In retrospect we should have booked our 2nd Airbnb as our first stay because it was very close to the bus stations which took us to the Grand Prix. At the end of the trip it made more sense to be closer to the airport. But… anyways.

Walking through Cornella

After getting settled, we realized it was quickly approaching 9pm. We needed a meal to get us through the night because the next morning we had to be up bright and early for the Grand Prix.

L’Autentic Piratas

We found L’Autentic Piratas…. a hot dog spot. We love hot dogs and it was an easy walk from our Airbnb Easy choice. The menu tag line translates to “Open and see our treasures”. Our taste buds were excited as we read through the options. Hot Dogs with all sorts of toppings.

TIP: This restaurant is small and gets crowded. Best to bring a carrier. Otherwise, your stroller will need to be folded.

I don’t exactly remember which ones we ordered because fatigue was quickly setting in. I do remember that they were delicious!

As we traveled to and from Cornella we started to notice that hot dogs are a thing there and we’re all for it. Our last meal in Corenlla before heading to Airbnb #2 was a hot dog, of course.

Los Arcos Bar


Lunch at Los Arcos Bar was a perfect meal on a beautiful day. We arrived right before it opened by the staff was very friendly and more than willing to seat us outside with a pitcher of Sangria — Gracias. As the food came out we were surprised at how schmancy these tapas were. They even wrote the kids’ names on their plates using Ketchup — cuuuuute!

Sangria at Los Arcos

Sabor Kriollo

A long action packed day at the Spanish Grand Prix means we all needed a good meal to cap off the night. Sabor Kriollo remained open late and it was directly across the street from our Airbnb.

As you can see, the food may not have been as pretty as it was at Los Arcos Bar but it was so good. It is a low key comfort Spanish food spot, like I said, it’s just what we needed.

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