My Husband is not a man because he painted two nails…

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… now that I have your attention — SHUH – DUH – FUH – CUP!

Last week, my company (our company), DIOSA Nails hosted its first Spring event “Cafe con Mani”. Guests visited a cafe and enjoyed complimentary coffee or tea while getting a manicure.

He planned to go to a BMW car meet later that day. There was an empty chair so my husband sat down and asked one of the nail artists to hook him up with two BMW M themed nails. She did. They’re dope.


That day he proudly posted his nails and promoted the event on Facebook. The comments started. All throwing shade about a man having painted nails. Most started as a joke but as he responded, their real feelings towards him started to show.

Here’s what I saw: A husband proudly supporting his wife’s business and appreciation for another woman’s talent.

Here’s what they saw: A man with nail polish isn’t a man – WTF is wrong with him?!

It’s 2018 — Are you serious? “Friends” were really questioning or poking fun at my husband’s manhood because he has two painted nails. Not something he does on a daily basis, and if he did — so what?! What they failed to do was praise him for being an entrepreneur, praise him for showing his daughter that it’s important and OK for men to support women and support his family; applaud the nail artist for painting this BMW design with precision, and they failed supporting our business.

We have a daughter (3) and a son (10 months old) — I now know and won’t need to ask what these people will think if we post a picture of our son playing [insert any “girly” toy/game] with his older sister. SMH. His sister will have a big influence on him, so let me stop you in your tracks.

Dear “Friends”,

You contribute to the acceptance and gender equality issues in this world. Yes — you. I hope you take a look deep inside of yourselves.

Men — Next time your wife, girlfriend, or daughter ask you to do something “feminine” in support — it’s OK! You won’t be less of a man. I promise you that our estrogen won’t seep into your DNA and change you forever. I promise you she will appreciate you if you take the initiative. And, if you’re still not comfortable with it; kindly decline and don’t comment on anyone else’s support for their family. Keep scrolling.

Women– Next time a man is doing something to support his wife, daughter, niece or goddaughter — don’t consider him weak or less of a man.

The Longs

Heaven forbid a man support his family and disrupt stereotypical gender roles in doing so.

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