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As we navigate the wanderlust life we’ve learned a few things while traveling with babe.We’ll be posting how we travel with our 1 yr old but first things first….. Here’s what we’ve learned about purchasing a flight with babe:

1. Buying your tickets (Domestic) – The Basics (as previously posted

Children fly free up until 2 yrs old. When purchasing your flights ensure that you add an infant while making your reservation. If the online checkout doesn’t have the option, then call the airline after purchase. Airlines seat you in window seats and in certain sections of the plane. Best to not just show up with an infant. It may mess up their whole seating setup. To avoid issues through security, ensure they give you a boarding pass for the baby or include her name on your boarding pass

2. Flying Internationally

Lap child does fly free-ish. You do have to pay for the taxes for a lap child when flying internationally. Again, after booking your flight make sure to call the Airline to add your child to the intinerary and to pay for the taxes.

3. Buying a seat for a child

Most airlines offer a discounted price for a child under the age of two and a different discount for children under the age of 12. Call ahead and ask. I have noticed that some airlines sites allow you to book and pay the discounted price online. However, if they don’t or if you decide to book the child’s seat after you’ve booked the adult’s flight then definitely call. American Airlines, for example, offers a 25% discount off the adults ticket for children under 2.


Our Example:

We originally booked two adult flights to Costa Rica for $455 and we paid taxes for our lap child, $141. After considering the flight time we decided to buy the baby her seat. We called American Airlines and asked them to book her seat and only charge us the difference for her seat since we already paid the taxes. They said sure! The difference ended up totally only $190! So for $100 each way our flight would be little more comfortable! (yaaaaasss!)


An extra $200 may not be in some families’ budgets so here’s an extra tip: we used credit card points to pay for the $190! You can also use miles. With American Express we had to make an extra call. American Airlines is not a points/miles partner but we called to get a “one-time exception” to allow us to use our points…. BOOM! This applies to any flight not just a child’s purchase

If buying a seat still can’t be done then try this one…. Instead of reserving seats next to each other (22A & 22B) reserve seats 22A & 22C (the isle and the window leaving the middle seat empty). No one wants the middle seat unless the flight is booked so you have a good chance of getting the whole row to yourselves and the baby gets their own seat! This would also work better if it’s a non-stop flight…. But give it a go!

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