Projection of Man :

Union Square around 6:30am

I primarily take celly pics as opposed to Diana who actually has some photography skills. I used to be into photography. A long long time ago. As in 35mm, long exposure, dark room red lights, long time ago.

If I were to really get back into photography, that is where I’d go back to. There’s just something about the tactile. Something about the ability to literally say I made this with my eyes and hands, that I enjoy the most.  I remember wasting a lot of film and supplies through the learning process. I remember using my friends as models and all of the mini adventures and experiences we had taking pics.

I do also remember when I lost it. When I lost that desire to really be in the photography. Honestly it wasn’t a crazy dramatic sequence of events. What I can say though is that I decided for the first time ever to contribute to the school newspaper, which by this time was high school. I was sophomore at the time and decided I would  attempt a stint at “staff photographer” well, that didn’t last long. I had taken pictures over the course of the first semester and spent my time selecting the best ones. Developing them to the best of my abilities. Only to have brought them in to show my new peers, and receive little to no reaction.

Beyond that. None of my pictures were choosen for the school paper or year book either.

Don’t worry folks I’m not scarred, but I did feel like I wasted my time. I took days off from work (my mom got me a fake ID from Fulton street in brooklyn so I could get a job at path mark ) to pursue this photography thing and make an impression. It was a failure. But what I did take away from the experience was to not allow the failed attempt to stop me from trying something new. Not to stop me from working hard, and certainly not to stop me from self motivation.

People may not necessarily be into what you’re into, or how you’re doing it. That is what allows you to be your own trail blazer. Follow my tangents and you’ll see the point. Sometimes there will be things you really like to do or be a part of. But for honesty’s sake you’re not that good or great at. Be okay with that. Either move on, or be okay with not being very good. Another example, I love to sing. I’m not that great. But Diana and Alma are stuck in the same household so I will always have a captive audience…im okay with that. Lol

Just my thoughts,

See ya’s tomorrow.


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