This man managed to find the quietest spot on Fifth Ave…. and I managed to find him.

So Week 1 is done. Here’s what I’ve gathered in these first 7 days:

Mobile Phone is a legit camera
When I did this 4 years ago phone camera technology was on the up and up. I thought that I’d stay away from phone pics this round but hasnt been the case this week. “Phonetography” is a thing and I plan on taking advantage of it.

Weak Start
I’m my worst critic and I think my first 7 pics are weak. I was expecting to start off with a bang but I’ve quickly realized that I have more dust to dust off than I thought. Although I love the feel of having my camera in hand, I’m back to second guessing myself.

Broke the golden rule
Always carry your camera in hand and ready to snap. I know the rule. I made excuse after excuse not to take my camera with me. This stops now.

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