DAY 1: Welcome to our home. Respect it.

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Why did we kick off our 2nd 365 Photo Challenge on a Tuesday?  Oct 27th? Well, because Oct. 27th marks our official 10 years of togetherness.

In 10 years we have: owned, traveled, graduated, and procreated. It’s more than any of us thought would happen in 10 years.  We wouldn’t change a thing.

The last time we took on the 365 challenge it was our first year of marriage and our first time living abroad.  Australia was so good to us. I took on the challenge to discover the photographer in me — and I found her. So why do another one? Ever since we both took on working full-time, launching businesses, and becoming parents we’ve been so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle.  The first 365 took us out of the house and gave us something to do as a team. We are hoping this 365 will do the same.

What are the rules:

  1. One photo a day for a whole year.
  2. The photo has to be snapped by me or Adonis.
  3. The photo has to be snapped on the day.

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