We spent our last day in Napa Valley! Wine country is stunning. Word of advice: make tasting appointments ahead of time to ensure you get into your wineries of choice. We went the unplanned route and it was hit or miss:

– Chandon – We enjoyed two tastings: Prestige and Rose along with oysters. There were many families here.


– Cakebread – My favorite Sav Blanc! I was really excited to be there. Unfortunately, tastings were fully booked. We bout 4 bottles and enjoyed a complimentary Rose tasting and we were gifted 2 wine glasses, WIN!



– Quintessa – Fairly quiet grounds, fully booked. No luck. Back in thr car.


– Raymond – Recommend by friends. They were closed by the time we arrived but they snuck us a quick tasting of Rose & Cab! The tasting rooms looked like a fun place to taste tho. Before we hopped back into the car, we snapped some pics, of course.




– Franciscan – Hit! They were opened later, a full tasting bar, and very crowded.


We drove through bucholic scenery, as Adonis so aptly described it (he pulled out an SAT word on us!) And made our way to dinner at Salitos Crab House.


So, yes, you can go wine tasting with a baby. It’s not a crazy drunk time or insanely romantic, but still fun. You’ll be surprised how many families are out at the vineyards.

Tips for Breastfeeding Mamas:
  1. Pump before you go and bring your cooler with milk.
  2. Try to align feedings/pumping between vineyards so that you don’t feel judged lol.
3. Try the alcohol breastmilk strip
  4. There are new studies that talks about alcohol consumption and breastfeeding.

If you’re not drinking, then carry on as normal.

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