Every year we are asked: “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”
And every year we say: “Nothing”
[Insert A LOOK here]

Yes, people — The Longs don’t do Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the REAL reason: Although we are married, we still date so we never thought of Valentine’s Day as THE day to express our love.

What we don’t like to see on Valentine’s Day are all the bitter posts about how our friends are “happily single”.  Really? All of a sudden you’re happy to be single but a few weeks ago you were looking for someone in your life?  We know that these same people would not turn away a worthy admirer if (s)he stepped to them on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure they would actually think it was quite romantic.

Unfortunately, with the existence of social media, Valentine’s Day has turned into a day to gain validation. Men and women post their designer perfume/colognes, chocolates that cost more than dinner, handbags which cover half of the rent, and electronics that say “I truly love you”. It becomes a constant media stream of “ooo look what I got” and I wonder why does it have to be that way? Why do you need the Facebook world to “like” your gifts too?  Was the gift itself not enough validation that you are special?  Let’s be real for a moment:  If your Valentine gave you a cheap-o watch, a carnation, a knockoff handbag, or a bootleg video game would you proudly post it? The thought would essentially be the same, but it’s just not at the same price.

                ……Or, is all this simply a nowadays common case of over sharing on the interwebs??

We aren’t saying that we don’t enjoy seeing your happy moments. But if most of your happy moments revolve around posting your materialist goods then we don’t enjoy it that much.

The Day of Love (as I like to call it) should be a day where you take the time to send a little love to those people you are thankful for in life.  It’s not just about couples…. so stop being bitter and keep being cute.

We love you for reading!

P.S. Our favorite posts are the ones of your kiddies and the super cute DIY gifts they make for you!

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