Desde Guatemala: Miguel-iver, Day 1

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The flight to Guatemala was pretty straight forward. I think this is the first time we traveled without any cell phone signal so I had no idea how we were going to find my mom at the airport once we landed.

Exiting the Guatemala airport is like walking down the red carpet at the Grammys.  There are hundreds of people waiting, all eyes on you as soon as you exit.  My mom, along with the other 12 people she was with found us quickly. 
We arrived at my Tia Angie’s house in San Jose Las Rosas and it’s exactly as I remember it.

There was no time to waste though. After a few hours rest, we all packed a bag and headed down to the bus station to got to Tikal! The kiddos teased us because we packed flashlights, a hatchet, neck pillows, meds, a hydration back pack, and a few other stuff which may have seemed unnecessary for a bus ride.
We boarded the 10PM bus and braced ourselves for the 8 hour ride to Petèn. We didn’t know what type of ride we were getting into: did it have A.C.?, did the seats recline? Any pit stops? To our pleasant surprise the bus wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be although we seated next to the bathroom which was only used by one person.

Two hours into the ride I was woken up by the feeling of diesel directly entering my lungs, the driver/mechanic elbows deep into the motor of the bus.  This man had a measly little flashlight which barely illuminated anything along with another guy shining a cell phone light at the motor….Were they serious??? Adonis brought out the small and very powerful flashlight which basically saved our lives lol. The gear selector was broken and the driver/mechanic temporarily fixed it using a wire hanger…. Yes, a hanger. We couldn’t make this stuff up. Thanks to “Miguel-iver” the bus was driven to a safe spot and we had to wait two hours for another bus to get us in order to continue the trip. The second bus has no AC which means we had a miserable sweaty ride.

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