Day 362: Small Island, Lots To Do

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Manta Rays up close!

Tough Mudders running through fire and smoke

I didn’t realize how much there was to do on this little island. We tried to squeeze in a lot today!
  • Watched the Pelican feeding
  • Waited for the manta rays to show up
  • Watched the first Tough Mudder in Victoria (20,000 people participated!)
  • Saw some ‘roos
  • Visited the Chocolate Factory (aaa-mazing chocolate and they made choco-bananos!)
  • Watch the Penguin Parade!
  • Ate dinner, drank some drinkies
  • Spent the rest of the night watching YouTube videos lol
I hope that I can man-up and participate in Tough Mudder (or a challenge like it). The teamwork I saw amongst strangers was inspiring. Maybe we should all participate in a physical, mental, and emotional challenge like this one so we can be better human beings. Wishful thinking? Maybe. 
I’m glad I got to see “Australia’s most popular wildlife attraction” … The Penguin Parade! These little guys were sooooo cute. If you’re ever in Victoria I highly recommend driving to Phillip Island (not a tourist bus) and check out these little guys. 
Here’s a bonus shot:

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