Last weekend I saw a billboard for a dancehall event and dance competition. I was so excited when I saw this because I absolutely love dancehall so there was NO way I was going to miss this event. The only problem is that I didn’t have anyone to go with so this meant that I was going to be hanging out in a club all alone — awkward. I didn’t care. I went anyway but luckily a friend ended up meeting me.

Anyway — this event played nothing but dancehall all night (loved it!!). I was longing for Adonis to be there with me so that I could wine on him all night! The competition part was the highlight of the night. I was a bit disappointed at the first round because they played “Dutty Wine” for them and not one of those dancers did the dutty wine! I would have called them out on that (and yes, I dutty wined on the sidelines lol). Overall the competition was OK. I’m glad they weeded out the non-dancehall dancers quickly. In the end I think the right person one.

There’s another event on March 10th. I shall be in attendance too!

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