My day started off with being convinced that I wasn’t stepping a foot outside. But early afternoon hit and I stepped out on the balcony…. glad I did! It was a nice cool summer day. I packed up my stuff and headed to a local cafe. For some reason I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that worked on their laptops in cafes lol. This time I actually have a reason to do so because I’m working on a top-secret project and needed to get out the apartment to make progress. I had my coffee and blueberry muffin while I Skyped with my sister at the cafe (thank you free wifi!). Then, I spent about two hours in the cafe! No one harassed me or tried to kick me out for staying without ordering more food. Melbourne is cool like that. I’ll be back next weekend.

Oh… Have we talked about coffee in Australia? Just in case we haven’t I’d like to let you know that you don’t order coffee the same way you do in the U.S.  For example, I like coffee with milk and sugar. In Australia I have to order a “flat white” with sugar. Other types of coffee include “long black”, “short black”, and then the regular lattes, cappuccinos, etc. Before I landed in Australia I rarely drank coffee. I might have a cup a month.  But, the delicious Aussie coffee has turned me into a coffee drinker. I now drink one cup a day or every other day. Geeze. How am I supposed to go back to American coffee?! My co-workers like it when I say “coffee” because you can really hear my New York accent: “caw-fee” lol.

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