Today is my second day of moping around.  Our friends are the best because they keep checking up on me and asking how I’m doing now that my love is gone. They extra love and concern is soooo nice! Honestly, I’m OK since it’s only been a day but I know it’ll feel worst in about 3 weeks. I know I can definitely count on our Aussie friends to keep me busy and distracted!

So far I have a shopping trip, dinner, and lunch planned for this weekend and early next week.

Some people may not understand why people are being so dramatic asking me if I’m OK. Well, let me explain. My man is the one that takes care of me mentally, emotionally, and physically. On stressful work days he rubs my hands and feet with sugar rub or prepares my lunch just so that my day is a little easier.  I don’t have to feel guilty about watching episodes of my favorite shows for hours and hours in a day because he’s right there cuddled up with me. He’s the one that I say my dinner prayers with thanking the higher ups for taking care of us and our families. My husband is the one that makes sure I go to bed with a smile on my face and the one that ensures I wake up smiling too. Yes, of course I can do all these things on my own, but it’s 200% better when he’s there with me. So yes… I do feel it when my P.I.C. isn’t with me.

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