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What was I thinking?? I didn’t sign up for this. I hate heights, I can’t stand it. I remember visiting the Intrepid in grade school, and it was the worst class trip ever. However with age comes a certain amount of confidence and I’ve noticed a decrease in my fear of heights. Still, this was extreme. I didn’t realize we were actually climbing up the canyon and then proceeding around the rim. Lucky for me the natural beauty of it all overrode my fears and I was able to conquer this natural wonder. As soon as we got off the bus, I thought I was in a movie. I mean, its was unbelievable. Diana and I took several moments to just stand still and listen. To think. To feel the breadth of history surrounding us. There were only two moments during our hike that I had to stop and recollect myself. Once we got to the first section on top of the canyon, there was a stretch about 50 yards long and only one person wide, along the canyon wall, the other side was a 300meter drop!!! No fence, no guard rail, nada!! The other time was descending the canyon, it was the creep up to the edge and climb off and down the canyon part, the holy crap what if I fall off and die thing that had me a bit hesitant. Once again no fencing or guard rails, just rocky steps down.  

Diana never ceases to amaze me. She is such a source of strength for me. When I think of what she has done, and the things we will continue to accomplish together, it makes me excited for the future. She did drive me crazy continually walking up to the edge and looking down. Or climbing up the rocks on the edge of the rim, Diana, what if that rock slips! Ack!! 

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