Day 276: Kitty, Kitty

Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects FINALLY found their way to Australia. Thank goodness. These were released back home right after I left. My Lovie told me about them and I’ve been dying to try them ever since.

Sally Hansen got it right! They are a very thin “sticker” but it’s actually nail polish. They are easy to apply, don’t crease at the tips of your nails, last about 10+ days, and keep your nails strong. The box includes 16 nails strips, a small buffer/nail file, a cuticle stick, and instructions.

It might take you some practice if you aren’t used to applying this type of nail product but I promise you, it isn’t hard and worth it!  I love them!! They are a GREAT (and better) alternative to the very expensive “Minx”.  You can apply these yourself for $10 or less.