Love this pic! We had a long day at the beach. Sitting under the searing sun and making a few trips into the water to cool down. A 10min tram ride to Middle Park and we’re off to dream land, waking in time for a flip. It wasn’t as packed as St. Kilda is. Normally you have pre/teens running around kickin’ sand onto your blankie. We settled in and let the summer breeze take us to another place. Another reason moving back to Ny isn’t an urgent desire. Walking distance to the beach?! At least I can say we lived it. 😦  I love you Diana. “Like Eli, you deeed it” hahahaha….sick of us yet? On the real though, without all of her hard work and long hours grinding, we wouldn’t be here. She made all of this happen. I’m playing my supportive role and couldn’t me more grateful. I’m excited to see where the future takes us. For now, its her last day of rest before returning to work, so we gonn chill this one out….

Peace in the middle east! I’m out, 1.

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