It was like pulling teeth to get everyone together in one spot for NYE. There was simply too much fun to be had. This was going to be our only NYE here in Melbourne so we had to do it big. We got our tickets for Passport to Jamaica hosted by club Alumbra in the Docklands. With several live performers, Reggae bands, and DJ’s spinning HipHop and R&B, what more could we ask for??? Oh wait, $50 bottles, SHUT UR FACE!! I’ll be honest and say I don’t remember too much of the night. Seeing the pictures the next day had me in tears…..The things Diana has to put up with! And who the heck let me climb on stage, and continue dancing? BTW I’m not a very good dancer after a few too many. 2 step = 3 stumble. All that means is we had a great time while we were there. There were two fire works shows, and our water front location meant we had front row seats. They didn’t disappoint either. 

We were really torn on coming here in the days prior. Melbourne has been extremely hot and dry, so the city proposed a “no fire day” to protect from bush fires and the like. So the $26 million, already purchased fireworks display was in Jeopardy or being shut down!! If there were no fireworks, we could have chosen a different location to party it up. We took the risk and damn did it pay off. Honestly, sans fireworks, we would have been completely satisfied with our choice of venue. Good riddance 2011, Bring on 2012 baybayyy 

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