View from the Rooftop onto Melbourne CBD
View onto the lower Rooftop deck

Sliced Cucumbers, limes, Ginger beer and some other goodness….see what they’re doing here!!

We met up with a couple friends today to catch up after a long absence. We joined Rachel, Stephanie, and Victor at Madam Brussels to enjoy the late afternoon over a few summer-perfect cocktails. This  place is very quirky and definitely full of personality. Its off-beat, slightly hipster feel adds to the chill atmosphere. Finishings like plush turf inside the bar area, and park benches indoors adds to the comedy.  I will admit though, I took a shoe off to rub my foot on the fake grass. Squish. There’s nothing funny about the drinks. They serve up some serious bev, unique to this place. I would definitely add this to the list of places to come during your stay in Melbourne. As you can see, everyone sits fairly close to each other which makes it easy to meet new people. 99% of Melbourne is friendly so full on conversations with a stranger is not uncommon. We closed out the night at New Guernica, 2-4-1 $10 mixed drinks and $15 pitchers of Sangria….C’mon man…FUNKKK THAT!!!!   

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