Funny thing happened. We didn’t do Christmas gifts, since we wanted to save money for upcoming trips. However, we booked our tickets for NYE and I needed clothes since everything I own fits like a moo moo. Diana also wanted to grab some clothes since she had not brought many summer clothes and hasn’t really shopped this entire year. So much for saving a little cash…

I’m not cheap, but I don’t like spending money. And I don’t like spending money because I’m damn good at saving it. ( I just started a sentence with AND!! Where’s my H.S. eng teacher? ) We shopped till we dropped and both of us were 100% successful. BTW, we got our first pair of Ray Ban’s. Years past, I couldn’t justify the costs, but the sales girl was overly eager and gave us extra lenses, cleaning products, tool thingys, and over $100 bucks off…Yes please, I’ll take two lol.  

After shopping we found a new (to us) Korean spot on Swanston St. We had built up an appetite and I needed to keep the wife sane. We window shopped an early dinner spot and got our eat on. What a great choice. I forgot how much I love love love Korean fried chicken yumm! I did order something ethnic off the menu, so please don’t fault me. But c’mon, K.F. Chicken…it had to be done! 

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