We spent the last morning in Rye and arrived back to Melbourne in the evening. I was messing around with Garage band and downloading new beats when we got a call from Elom & Yve. They had some time before heading to a wedding and would be stopping by. I told him that I had the studio up and he was ready to get to recording. If you don’t know, let me remind you. We’ve had many a guest come by and get trapped for hours recording silly songs on garage band, it just sucks you in. I told Elom, you guys have to get on the road soon, so don’t take it too seriously or you’ll be here all night….but then that Coquito kicked in and it was a wrap. 3hrs Later and writing was complete. That Coquito MUZIC was being mixed down, uploaded to itunes, and burned to CD! 
When you learn how to use garage band, I swear its just as much fun as playing Rockband (insert the mini TM here). I told our guest to make sure they called me when they got to their destination, since they had such a late departure. Elom called the next morning and said they got caught up bumping our track on repeat the whole drive there (exaggerating, but thats how I took it..hehe). Lesson learned: Book an extra day when you come to Melbourne so we can play! Hahaha so ridic, but so much fun.   

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