This is what it looked like once the tide lowered, but you can still see how high the waves are coming in, in the background. These rocks were no joke either. I wasn’t tryin’ to become Shark bait. Yes, there are shark in these waters!!

Angie holding that rifle like a true soldier! She hit ever shot, except for the last. However, she had already won the biggest prize they had to offer. The “Carni” had given her an extra shot….it didn’t matter though, she still walked away with a big azz teddy.

Becca was getting it in too. When the world comes to an end in 2012, I know who’s on the security detail!

See what I did there?! Fish & chips, but its chip shots with a gun, not taters…get it? So clever I am… Alright I’m done. 

Moving on. Its the day after Christmas and we’re on chill mode. The day started out overcast, and as beautiful as the Ocean side beach was, a re-visit was in order. The last time I tried to enter a beach cave I nearly drowned. It was almost the same series of events. Fortunate for us as we arrived the tide started to retreat. The sky was still a little ugly but we decided to get some decompression time in. After an hour or so of laying out the tide was much lower. The clouds cleared from the sky, and the sun was at its peak. Michel began to prepare his fishing gear, scrapping various sea creatures from the rocks to use as bait. I really wanted to try some clams and things raw, but I couldn’t muster my inner Bear Grylls. I wasn’t quite confident enough to venture into the sea and fish off the ledge, so Michel started off alone braving 5ft + swells less than 15 feet away!!! I waited about 20min’s more to allow the tide to lower some more, then I walked out to fish with him. Shortly there after Becca, Angie and O.J. joined us. Diana….still asleep on the beach….

The carnival had some decent rides. There were honestly about 5 rides I would have stuffed my grown azz in and dragged Diana along with me…I left the wallet at home, fail. I know…It was fun anyway. What a great way to end Christmas weekend. Rye, don’t forget the Long’s. We’ll be back!!

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