Day 265: Merry Christmas!

Rye Beach
I think Diana was just tryin to kick me!
ROSS SAYS: Got your tickets to the gun show??

The Beach on Christmas….(drops the mic and walks away)
It was perfect. White sand, blue water, and the Ipod on shuffle. The breeze was just enough to ease the burn of the sun. The chill of the water, a perfect relief from imminent heat stroke, although the twig and berries may have disagreed. In any case we were up to our same ole shenanigans, doing jump-shots, swimming, and talkin’ ish. The Marie’s have been such great hosts. We’ve felt like family since walking through the door of mom’s (Amy) house. There was no extravagant gift exchange and awkward family dinner with extended family. It was just us and the folks, and we couldn’t have asked for it any other way. After the beach we headed home to grill and relax some more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!