Fed Square Christmas Decor

After partying last night, we slept in and woke up to a gorgeous warm day! Since today was the Blackburns’ last day/night in Melbourne we spent the better part of the day walking around the city shoe shopping of course lol! Cindy was on the hunt for THE wedding shoes and she found them on our shoe hunt today!

As we walked around the city we saw this writing on a side walk. I have mixed feelings about this one:

We ate dinner at Rare Steakhouse and man o’ man was it yummy! Actually my food came out cold, but once they reheated it, I was happy! We then headed over to The Toff to enjoy some drink and music.

2 Replies to “Day 249: Blackburns’ Last Night”

  1. well Diana luv you are looking fab! Yay Cindy!!!! found “the shoes”

    “america is the real terrorist” deep…I suppose as far as how other coutries view us it could be fairly accurate but how we view ourselves, we are F*&kin awesome!


  2. Just catching up on my longology…miss u guys. We had such an amazing time. Cant believe its already been a month! Cant wait till u guys r home!! <3, Cindy


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