Photo Credit: Adonis Long

Photo Credit: Adonis Long

The BlackBurn’s vacay the Long way! Beach was on the Agenda our first day back in Melbourne. They had yet to see the city, so we figured what better way than to show em’ around St. Kilda. You guys may remember we took the guys here to. This time around we actually brought our beach gear and got to lounge for a few hours. The beach was full, but not nearly packed. The water was on the warm side and the breeze was just enough to save us from the rays of the sun. We started the day with lunch at our favorite Mexican joint, Amigos. We did a lil knick/knack shopping, had some sweets from the bakery, and moved on. After showing them around the main strip we made our way to the boardwalk and the rest is history…..

Photo Credit: Adonis Long

Meet Dougie!! The illusive lil’ penguin from St. Kilda pier. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been on the pier and griped at the fact that you see the signs showing where the penguins are, but you never actually see them. Finally our efforts were rewarded. I think partially because Shaun is so tall he blocked out the sun which cooled the rocks down lol…just kidding. Anyway we named the lil guy Doug. He had us all in tears as we laughed at his attempts to negotiate the rocks. Poor guy had to build up his confidence and wound himself up to make each jump. He barely made it onto some of the rocks and we nearly lost him to the crashing waves. 

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