Photo Credit: Adonis Long
Photo Credit: Adonis Long

I love the beach, who doesn’t right!? We were told about several beaches to visit while here. Since the weather was nice, we set out to find some more. We took the ferry over to Manly Beach, where we were greeted by a friendly little shopping strip which opened up to Manly at the end. We had a bit of a laugh as the ferry approached the dock, which has a small beach of its own. We didn’t say anything at first but the look on all of our faces said it all. What the hell, we travelled all this was for this? There had to be more to it, right?? I had a funny thought. What if this was some sort of joke, an initiation if you will, to the unweary traveller. They hype you up and tell you to go to this great beautiful beach, you get there, and it sucks…hahaha I’m glad it was just a thought. Manly was amazing, damn near better than Bondi if you ask me. Butttt, we went to Bondi on a rainy day, so we’ll go back and give it a second try. 

Forget if you think Meatpie’s are an English or British thing. When you come to Australia, one of few distinctively Australian things to eat, is a meatpie. My advice, stay away from the microwave mystery “may contain meat” pies that you’d find at an Aussie sporting event. Just like your favorite pizza place, sandwich shop, or hotdog stand (Windmill in Jersey yummmm!!!) there’s a must go for meatpie. We were told by many of our Aussie friends that we must must mustttt go to Harry’s. When we got to Sydney, it was on the top of priority list and I’m glad we found it! They had Meatpie’s with mashed potatoes with gravy, peas and gravy, tomato sauce, just gravy, whichever and however you like. They also have vege pies, hot dogs, and a load of other snackeroos!

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