Aussie Racing Car

When we made plans to go to Sydney the last thing I expected was a racing event. The Australian V8 Supercar Series can be compared to Nascar in America. However, the cars are different and the majority of the tracks are road courses. Watching it on TV the past couple of months just didn’t do the experience justice. If you’re in Australia, and they’re racing in a city near you, treat yourself! The weather was beautiful, sunny with clear skies. The metallic smell of brake dust and gasoline hovered in the air, if I could make it into a cologne I would. As the cars zoomed by you could hear the drivers shift through the gears. As the cars slowed you’d hear the gasoline explode in the exhaust causing what sounded like shotgun blasts in quick succession. It made the hair stand up on end and got the adrenalin flowing like I’ve never felt before. I kid you not, I started skipping as soon as we walked off the train, and I heard the cars flying around the course. I felt like a kid in a candy store, all day.

If you have never been to a racing event, make it a point to do it at least once in your life. There is usually off track entertainment, especially for kids. Here in Sydney, they had a pit crew challenge where you could challenge the pro’s at jacking up the car, and changing the tires. There were racing simulators, concerts, car shows, and stunt/drifting exhibitions. Last time I was this overwhelmed and excited was the Food court at Paragon Mall in Bangkok. I was on an insane high every second that we were there.

 Photo credit: Cindy Lopez
 Photo credit: Cindy Lopez

One of the Porsche Series Cars, the paddock was buzzing as the teams worked on their cars between races. 
Photo credit: Cindy Lopez

Seriously!!! These are some of the coolest little cars I’ve ever seen. They’re known as Aussie Racing cars. After talking to one of the team owners, they cost about $50k to build and another $50k to maintain and race over the course of a season! HOW AFFORDABLE!! I’m doing it!! They weigh just a fraction of a normal car and run on a 1300cc motorcycle engine. With over 150HP, and revving to over 10,000RPM, how could you not like em’!?

Did you guys know my dream job is to be a race car driver?? I’m going to make it happen, maybe not NASCAR, but Imma do it!

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