Day 237: Naked for Satan

A few weeks ago our friend told us about this place: Naked for Satan.

Judging by the pictures above, you can’t really tell what this place is.  Well, it’s a cocktail lounge in Fitzroy that specializes in infused vodka and pintxos (which are basically h’orderves). The waitress comes around offering you these delicious finger foods which you grab with toothpicks or your hands. They go by the honor system, so at the end of your trip you simply take the toothpicks to the register and pay your bill. We didn’t try the infused vodka because we are still on our healthy month *womp!* so we’ll report back.

But, as you can see, there was more “interestingness” around us.  The walls are covered with retro naked people and so are the menus.  This place is definitely eye-catching to say the least.