Day 232: Health & Wellness Update, November

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Can you see the difference three weeks makes? Thats from November 6th to the 21st. BTW, I’m not shaving till I lose 20lbs…in case you see the bush over grow my facial features lol…
Talk about off the wagon! And I wasn’t even running behind it to jump back on. All for good reason though. From the time we left for Thailand in July till the beginning of November, I was off the healthy eating plan. After returning from Japan, I immediately jumped on a flight to New York to attend my Grandmother’s funeral. Ten days later my grandfather died and I was back on a plane to Melbourne. Friends from home were around to visit for about two weeks, followed by group dinners, birthday parties, and more friends traveling and friends visiting. Whew, I swear the past 3 months are nearly a blur.

Now that I just said that, I can’t believe I was off my plan for 3 months. I learned a lot in that time. I learned that all the changes I made, have to be lifestyle changes. I learned that going back to my old ways is not an option. I swear fat has a memory, and as soon as you allow it to creep back into you diet, it goes right back to where you lost it from. I choose to get back to healthy eating and exercising. I started several weeks ago with the Lemon detox diet. It was something I had heard about a long time ago but never looked into it. The claims seemed to good to be true. I am still a blank slate, and if the theory sounds solid, then I can buy into the hype. After spending the better part of the taking protein powders and creatine supplements, I figured a detox was just the thing to restore the harmonic balance my body needed. I did the detox for 11 days and it was everything I wanted and more. I started at 256lb’s and lost a pound everyday I was on it. Thats right, 11 days later I was 245 and feeling great. Its a detox, so read into it. It did everything a detox was supposed to do and I’ll spare you the details. 
Being that the majority of the weight loss comes from water weight, I wasn’t surprised to gain about 5 of it back over the course of 4 weeks. During that time I wanted to see how my body would react to all cardio workouts, with no strength training. First thing I noticed was that my body felt great. I wasn’t sore and experiencing back pain like I normally do. My workouts primarily consisted of about 20min’s of stretching and 30mins on the treadmill. I did a lot of sit-ups, push ups, and circuits with light dumb bells (5lbs). This was all well and good, but still not getting me to the results I was after. I decided that I was going back on the diet and this time being a little more strict about my intake. This time around, along with hitting the weights, I will be attending kickboxing & Body Combat classes. So far so good, and I’m seeing positive results. I feel stronger and my stamina is the best its EVER been. This diet I’m doing is mainly vegetarian. Heavy on salads and vegetables. All fresh and some raw. I have eaten some meats, mainly tuna and some other types of fresh fish. I have included pictures for your enjoyment. Just to give you an idea of how to eat healthy but still keep it interesting. The vegetarian thing is only for a month though. After what the chicken has done for black people all around the world, how could I refuse to eat it. Stay tuned for more updates.

Have you heard me talk about my vege wraps? Well this is what I’m referring to. Definitely not for the beginner, as you’ll probably think its too bland. But, the point it to taste the vege, not the dressing or seasoning. Here I have arugula, chive/garlic/alfalfa sprout mix, avocado, red onion, lime, and orange. The wrap is a low cal, onion and garlic baked wheat wrap. If I’m not feeling arugula I used mixed greens as an alternative. However, if you’re like Diana, that may taste even more like weeds to some of you.

How do you take your tuna? Here’s my recipe, can of tuna 25gs, tablespoon low fat mayo, tablespoon of red onion chopped, teaspoon of relish, and half teaspoon of cayenne. I like the spice of cayenne pepper plus it helps to stoke your metabolism! For lunch I would either have a plain salad, no dressing or the wrap I have in the pictures. Pictured above is an example of my dinner. We’ve been eating dinner around 6-630 and heading to the gym on non-class days at 7:30. To end the night I’ll snack on an orange and drink a ton of water. Thats all folks!

One Reply to “Day 232: Health & Wellness Update, November”

  1. As always I support your weight loss goals and I can see a huge difference in your facial structure alone so keep up the good work…now what is this business of not shaving??? hmmm haha.

    luv ya


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