We headed to Silk Road on Saturday night.  It’s just a short walk away from our apartment (1 brownie point!).  To our delight there was no cover (sa-weet! two brownie points!).  The place was mucho fancy and the people were dressed to match.  It was a weird mixed crowd: mid-late 20’s and people in their 40’s.  Weird right? But, it was nice to see that the older crowd still gets down around here. The place was full of epic statues, paintings, and chandeliers. As we walked in and made our way to the mezzanine area we both couldn’t help but think how badly we wanted a drink! Remember, we are on a one month detox from alcohol. *sigh*  We met up with our friend, Vic, and met his friends (two of which were celebrating Scorpio birthdays, like me!!).  We made our way to the dance floor, boogied, and went home.  We would have stayed longer if the music was a bit different.  Listening and dancing to electro-pop all night long is hard to do when you aren’t drizzy.

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