Day 228: Always By Your Side

As I walked back to work after lunch today … I noticed a lot of butterfly/moths flying around. No idea where they came from or why there were so many of them. I happened to look down and saw these two tiny butterflies (or moths), and my heart melted.  Like a true photographer, I had my camera in hand to snap the photo. I was afraid of getting too close because I thought the butterfly would fly away, but it didn’t. It stayed right next to it’s injured, and maybe half dead, partner. It was extremely windy too, but the butterfly did not budge.

In my head, these two are lovers… and they were beautiful. If this were me and Adonis, I wouldn’t leave him. I’d be right there by his side.  I couldn’t imagine leaving him if he were hurt. No wind, no giant could make me move.

I went back after work and I didn’t see them. Maybe the hurt one recovered and flew away. Or, maybe the live one flew away after the wind took the other one away.

Friday Night:
We met up with some friends at Shinssi Hwaro Korean BBQ.  It was our first time ever having Korean BBQ and we liked it! You order a bunch of meat and veggies and throw it on the gas grill at your table. It all smelled and tasted good. The tubes from the ceiling are just vents to suck up all the BBQ smoke. Our only complaint is that the food wasn’t filling, but we would definitely go back.

 It wasn’t our first time in this area but we were pleasantly surprised to find more laneway art as we walked back home that night: