Day 224: Gym Time

This has been a serious month for us for health and wellness. We have a strict diet and have been hitting the gym hard. This includes reduced meat intake, no drinking alcohol or juice or soda — only water and sometimes hitting the gym twice on Mondays for two classes. Our bodies are going through a detox.

When I tell people that I am on this plan with Adonis they look at me all weird because I’m already skinny. I tell people that me working out and healthy eating first and foremost is for maintenance and prevention.  Keeping active helps you sleep better, keeps your heart strong, the blood flowing, etc. etc. It’s not always about being skinny.  If you knew me, you would know that I was a serious skinny mini (even smaller than I am today). I don’t miss my skinnier days and I don’t want to lose weight. I actually want to keep this weight.  Secondly, I support my husband on his weight loss journey.