Probably the last time I wear this shirt…. 
Roar Lions Roar!
Being a two-time graduate of Penn State University makes me so proud. Unfortunately, the most recent incidents involving top school officials and figures have put Penn State in the negative spotlight. It’s disgusting what these men did (and did not do) for years. I hope the legal system works like it should in this situation. It’s unfortunate that our legendary head football coach, Joe Paterno, had to end his career in this way. But, it’s like they say… “with great power, come great responsibility”. Sometimes doing nothing or saying nothing is just as bad.
My prayers and thoughts go out to the victims and their families. I only hope that this is a reminder for all of us to speak up, especially when children are involved. This horrific crime occurs all over this world. Let’s protect our children. Speak up!
Does this make Penn State a bad university… no.
Does this make me less proud to bleed blue and white …. nope.
I feel compelled to talk about my Penn State pride because everyone is making this about Penn State as a whole, instead of focusing on the offenders. This isn’t the first and last scandal this university will face. However, I hope that we learn from it and NEVER repeat a disgusting cover-up like this again.
In this dark time, I’d like to remind my fellow Nittany Lions and educate those who don’t know some of Penn State’s greatness:
  • Founders of Ben & Jerry’s learned how to make ice cream through a Penn State correspondence course
  • Penn State employee/researcher Erwin Wilhelm was the first person to “see” an atom and it happened at Penn State University
  • The first African-American man in space, Guion Bluford Jr, is a Penn State Alumni
  • Penn State chemists/staff were the ones behind the foundation for what is now birth control.
  • Presidents, CEOs (current and former), and founders of these companies are Penn Staters:

    • Verizon Wireless
    • Nike
    • Fischer Price
    • The Disney Channel
    • Dell
    • Weebly
    • Sears
    • Etc. Etc. Etc.
  • Countless athletes, politicians, and TV personalities are amongst Penn State Alumni
  • Home of the largest student-run philanthropy in the country raising MILLIONS for kids fighting cancer

I could go on and on. I will not let this scandal overshadow Penn State’s contributions to me, the state, the country … and yes, even the world.

This rant is not meant to take the focus away from the victims, but instead to show that this single incident does not define or represent the university and it’s history.

We are … STILL Penn State.

2 Replies to “Day 220: We Are… STILL Penn State”

  1. That is so right!! Thank you for shining light on all the positive that PSU has going on. Thon is the largest student run philanthropy in the world! That is amazing and the amount of money raised is chilling and awesome. But yet all they can do is spew negativity over one person who happen to be an employee at PSU…he isn't PSU.

    WE ARE….. Penn State!

    Thank you>>>>>You're Welcome

    ps don't forget Minitab 🙂


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