Day 216: Mr. & Mrs. Long… 1 Yr Later

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Photo Credit: Photo Pink (Our amazing wedding photographers!!)

A year ago today, Nov. 6, 2011, Mr & Mrs. Long became official.

It’s hard to believe that we got married a year ago! This has been the easiest year of our relationship and we know we are blessed to experience such an amazing first year. Just before the wedding, I was offered the opportunity to work in Australia for a year. I talked to Adonis about it and I told him that I wasn’t going without him. He replied, “So, let’s go!”

I have to admit that I was very apprehensive about moving to other side of the world because (1) we had never lived together in the 5 years that we were together prior to getting married (2) we heard that the 1st year of marriage was the hardest, so I thought it would be risky to live in another country where we would have NO support and (3) we thought it was going to be a financially tough year because Adonis would be leaving his career behind. What if he didn’t find work in Australia?

My husband’s support has been incredible and I hope our kids see it as a great example in the future. Most men wouldn’t be able to do what he did and what he does. I love, like, adore, admire, and am inspired by my husband. In a way I’m a bit mad that no one else can actually feel the magnitude of love and admiration I have for him because it’s an amazing feeling and I want everyone to be able to feel these emotions … but then again, I am blessed in knowing that I’m the only person in the world that can feel this way for him.

Our first year of marriage was well spent:

  • Traveling to Fiji, Thailand, Japan, and various parts of Australia
  • Adonis joined the Victoria Gridiron League where he kicked ass every game
  • We unexpectedly met amazing people, and so glad to call them our friends now
  • Took four close friends around a few places Australia
  • I even turned into a lite version of Adonis lol
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.
The best part about it is that our family and friends have continued to stay in touch regardless of the distance. They love and support has been felt many many many miles away from home. 

Photo Credit: Photo Pink

… And in honor of our 365, here are pictures from our last day in Cairns. 

3 Replies to “Day 216: Mr. & Mrs. Long… 1 Yr Later”

  1. aww my loves you two are amazing. And I am so glad you two made the best of your first year together, wonderful memories and new experiences. The best thing about it is they were done together – the things that newly married couple have a problem with is merging their lives on a daily basis with all the outside distractions you two have created a bubble that has nurtured relationship because you are relying on each other. And you are so humble to notice, appreciate and understand that what your hubby did and his high level support are beyond great and it wasn't because he had to it's because he wanted to with his heart and soul – I would love to find what you have in your mate best woman. I wish you two eternal happiness and I know that will happen because you two won't have it any other way. I am glad to be apart of it. xoxo (sorry for the typos I am typing and taking calls, haha)


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