Day 215: White Water Rafting Adventure

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We heard a nasty rumor that we were was supposed to get heavy rain today (Saturday). We didn’t let this hold us back from experiencing more of what Cairns had to offer! We booked a white water rafting trip on the Barron River! Why not?! We were going to get wet anyway so rain wouldn’t ruin our plans for the day.

We chose to go with the Foaming Fury tour company. Unlike other tour companies we’ve used for any of our trips, Foaming Fury was only a two man show. Our guides were so good! They were funny, knowledgeable about the Barron River and rafting. They really made us feel excited to white water raft.

Our raft’s guide, Roddy — was full of personality and humor! I have to admit that he single handedly made the rafting trip so much for us. He dunked some people in the water, rescued a girl that fell out of the raft after the first rapid, tried to make Adonis (or “Sexual Chocolate” as Roddy called him) fall out of the raft (didn’t work, ha!), and ensured we had the best experience since we were all first time rafters.

We met up with the girls for a bit but spent the night sipping on wine and watching the monsoon on our patio/balcony! It was a perfect and relaxed night after a crazy afternoon on the river.

There’s so much to do in Cairns! We seriously need to circle back (if time and money allows) to experience more of tropical Australia. *sigh*

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