Upolu Cay
Upolu Cay

Today we took an hour and a half boat ride to The Great Barrier Reef with Ocean Free and Ocean Freedom Tour Company. The boat was nice and the crew was very helpful and friendly. We stopped at Upolu Reef and went for a swim on the gorgeous Upolu Sandy Cay.  
Did you know that The Great Barrier Reef contains 2,900 reefs?! Insane!!
The water was nice and warm. We snorkeled for almost 4 hours in total. We saw huge fish as well as some familiar fish. Em even saw a sting ray and a baby shark! The staff held some guided snorkel tours and did some extras like swim all the way down to pick up funky sea creatures for us to touch!
Swimming at Upolu Cay was priceless! It was like swimming in a pool! I have to say it’s the best deserted island we’ve been on so far. Yes, it beats out Fiji and Thailand.
We had an underwater camera, but it’s currently out of commission. As soon as we get those pics, we’ll post them as extras!

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