We stayed up all night catching up The Walking Dead, blogging, and having a few drinks. We had to be out of the apartment by 3:30AM for a 6AM flight to Cairns, Australia!
We only care about two things on this trip:  snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef and ….

We are staying at the Shangri-La. I walked into our room and I was greeted by a large and pretty view of the Marina from our room. I was also greeted by my surprise bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine that Adonis arranged before we arrived!  That Sneaky McSneakster! I was soooo excited about my flowers. He said he could have went with more “traditional” flowers, like roses, but he knew that wasn’t me! C’mon, I do flowers every week and last week was the first time I got roses. I love love looooove my flowers!! They are perfect in every way.

I must say that Adonis chose a fabulous hotel & hotel room. The room overlooks the Marina, it has a sexy glass wall that you can see into the bathroom from the bed area, and it has a large patio/balcony for us to enjoy the beautiful weather.

We spent the day walking around Cairns, trying to catch up with the LAdies, and going out for some eats and drinks once we did find them.


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