Melbourne Cup horses, Grandstand

Grass wasn’t a problem. We all rocked our heels.

“The celebration that stops a nation”

Every year the men and women of Australia get dressed up and spend the day drinking and betting on the horse races at the track or at home. The races take place in Melbourne which is exactly why it was a must-do for us. It’s a very Melbourne thing to do and it’s only a quick train ride away. We bought our dresses, fascinators (our little hats), prepared our blanket, and headed to the Melbourne Cup.

Women were dressed fabulously and the men looked dapper. We had a good group of girls and had a great time downing about 7 bottles of champagne. Tee’s fascinator was a huge hit! Many people watched her as she passed by and many even asked if they could take a photo with her! We had a great spot on the grass. We were sitting right in front of the start/finish line and in front of The Grandstand which is where the horses are paraded pre-race and crowned after the race!

The best part of this day is that we get the day off of work! It’s a holiday! woot! woot!

One Reply to “Day 211: Melbourne Cup”

  1. Ooo so cute! Love the “fascinators” hehe! It kinda reminds me of Preakness in Baltimore but I have never been (shame on me it's like 20 mins from my house). Even though ladies wear hats at preakness i have never seen any pics with hats as “fascinating” (haha) And your pics look like an ad campaign!


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