Day 208: Rose St. = Fitzroy Little Treasure

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Rose St. ~ We have walked pass this post many time, and have never noticed this on the sidewalk!

Rose St.

Rose St. Artist Market.

Laneway off of Rose St.

Laneway off of Rose St.

Rose St.

Rose St.

Rose St.

Rose St.

Brunswick St.

Veggie Bar

From Vasette

Las Vegan Cafe

Passion Poppin’!

The ladies returned from Sydney so we headed out to show them our “everyday” Melbourne. We did A LOT today. Our first stop was the must-see QV Market to pick up some souvenirs for the girls to take back home. Then we hopped on the tram and took them to Brunswick St which always surprises us! We always discover something new when we walk around that strip. We had lunch at the Veggie Bar which did not disappoint. I had the Fungi Pizza … it had mushrooms marinated in red wine and it was delicious. We walked up and down Brunswick and eventually ended up at Little Creatures Brewery for a few cold beer.  Yes, I drink beer now. Go figure. Finally, I can’t go to Brunswick St. without stopping by my favorite florist. I picked up some stained pink roses and some other accent flowers on branches that I forgot to ask (again!) sorry! The girls helped me pick out the bunch.

Check out the places we visited:

One Reply to “Day 208: Rose St. = Fitzroy Little Treasure”

  1. is that an anchor? hehe

    fabulous pics! candid and posed everyone looks like they are having a blast adn the one pic looks like an ad for alcohol and you are looking wonderful in that yellow cardigan 🙂


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