Thats how I feel about most of the time spent with friends. But I’m glad we are able to enjoy every day with a smile on our faces. And maybe the occasional smile on a stranger’s face as they catch a glimpse of our ruckus. Today the fun continued at the Healesville Sanctuary. We took a long drive out through Yarra Valley, for our girls to see Koalas and Kangaroo up close and personal. Emely was ultra excited to meet the koalas and got to spend special one on one time with Benny the Koala. In Victoria, Australia it is illegal to hold or pet koalas. However, at the sanctuary you can get into their enclosure and come face to face with them (no touching permitted). After the Koalas, we wandered over to the Kangaroo enclosure. They seemed docile as they hopped around us freely. But we weren’t gonna get too close and end up on one of those funniest home video shows! 

There were plenty of other animals at the sanctuary, but honestly these were the only ones we were really excited to see. This wasn’t a zoo by any means, but well worth the trip. There were Tasmanian Devils, Dingo’s, Wallabies, Platypus, and wombats just to name a few others. Being that we were already in Yarra Valley we took the opportunity to stop by Punt Road for a wine tasting. We also stopped by Yarra Valley Dairy where we did another wine tasting, and purchased some tasty cheeses!  

2 Replies to “Day 201: Benny the Koala”

  1. Some can be, but rarely. They sleep up to 20hrs a day and are only awake to feed and mate. The only time they actually get out of their tree is when mama Koala kicks them out, or to fight for their territory. Koalas have extremely sharp claws and incredible grip strength, problem is when you try to hold one they don't know your hand, arm, finger, from a tree branch……soooo SNAP a doodle do! Consider that body part a goner 😦


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