Day 194: Gemmas Birthday @ New Guernica

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New Guernica

Quirky ass Melbourne strikes again! If I haven’t told ya before, we are really liking this city. Today is our girl Gemma’s birthday so we all met up to get our party on! Gemma’s main goal for friday was to find a place off the beaten path. Somewhere we had not been to before, and different from our usual haunts. We found it. Our directions there were the best though. Walk up here, make a right, then its the first place on the left. Actually its not really labeled so look for the big dude standing outside on his phone. Surprisingly enough, we found it without any drama and with it, one of the best deals in town. 2 for 1 on alcohol and beer, $15 pitchers of sangria, and $25 mixed drink pitcher. SAY WHAT!! Yea, in a city where the beer can be $15 and specialty drink $25, this was the place to start your Birthday celebrations. Oh, and did I mention the special went till 10:30pm?!?! We ended the night in chinatown, where we loaded up on dumplings and chinese broccoli mmmmmm….

On our way around, we noticed signs and loads (Aussie’s would say heaps) of people setting up for Occupy Melbourne. This was really interesting to me. This movement has spread across the globe literally! I won’t go into the whole political argument but a couple things stand out to me. The economy here is damn strong right now, and the healthcare is covered by the state up until you make something like over 70K (at which point you get your own private healthcare) One more thing that I laughed at, this started as a statement against Wall St. and big banks/Corps etc…the activists are receiving so much money and other donations that they need to use city space for storage and banks for the money. OH….another thing, did you know the CFO is a 21yr old art at student at Cooper Union, with 0 financial experience?

Maybe this whole topic needs a post of its own….who wants the OWS for dummies cliff notes version of whats going on in the world?

Happy Birthday Weekend GEMMA!

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