Belgium Beer Cafe

I promise we’re not alcoholix! Our friends are and we’re just being supportive by drinking with them. JOKING! Besides, as Adam (aka Antwan) says, you know you’re not an alcoholic if you’re worried about becoming one. Makes since to me, so lets move on.

Yesterday I was thinking it was a bad week for Diana so I’d make sure to be on my best behavior till the weekend. But then I remembered that her coworkers were at World yesterday, and today they would all be meeting up for drinks afterwork again. So, this afternoon we decided to decompress together at the Belgium Beer Cafe. Everyone has been working hard. Most days working till after dark, which is getting to around 8pm here. So the stress everyone must be feeling is well understood. Sometimes I feel like I work in Diana’s office. Her coworkers are really friendly and accepting. To the point where, if I dressed the part, I could probably walk into the office, find an empty desk, and blend right in i.e. fraternizing all day. I like being a part of all the fun and involved in whats going on. I think I may be starting to miss work!? Whyyyy!!

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