It must be a really stress filled week for Diana. This week we decided to sign up for classes (Body Combat & kickboxing) at our gym. Its good to have the variety, plus the instructors would push us harder than we would ourselves. All that stress would be pouring out in the form of sweat. We have also been out for drinks more than usual. I guess the balance is good though. You don’t want to see yourself or your friends go to an unhealthy outlet to vent stress. So the long days in the gym to relieve the stress and live music, and long sunsets with a Long Island Ice-T or beer to end the night are okay. 

World is definitely a staple when it comes to afterwork meet up spots. The place is designed nicely, the servers are friendly, and the music is to our preference. PLUS!! they have really good calamari. We made sure to bring the guys here when they came to visit. If you remember, that was the first time we ate there. We were pleasantly surprised. Anyway, we came here after Diana was sprung out from her IT dungeon. A couple drinks, good conversation, and small eats later and we were on our way back home. 

She called me her hero as we walked home a lot more relaxed.  

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