Ok, so this isn’t a photographer type of picture but I just had to show you what Adonis made me do.

I do my nails every week. I love nail polish (I own 50+ polishes) and I love making sure my nails are well kept. I’ve been doing this for almost 9 years. Adonis gets to have a say on what color polish he wants to see me in for a week and I’ll even ask him to pick a color for me when I’m undecided. I think because I let him have a say that I set myself up for Adonis’ nail polish request today.

He noticed the bright green I painted my nails and he suddenly became inspired to request I create a “watermelon” nail design. I can paint nails really well — but I’m no designer (see photo above again). I tried the design the first time and it was really bad! The work above is my second attempt.

Adonis actually made me retry it after the first fail and would not stop until I did! lol — This guy is a mess. He even made me pose my hands in the ghetto nail salon poster pose you see above. lol.

Ladies — sometimes you have to indulge your man in the things he likes (even if you don’t like them, see photo above again). He’s interested in you. Why not play into his quirkiness when it comes to the clothes you wear, the underwear you have on, your hair style, shoes, and even your nail polish?? Even though I am not a fan of the watermelon nails I love that he’s a fan of me and is interested enough to even think up a nail design for this week.  I love it!

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