From Adonis:

Sometimes I’m shocked by how blind love, bump that, lust can make some people. Lets break it down to the most basic. LUST. Cause’ lets be honest, you say I love you a lot, before you experience true love. Then you find yourself with that true love saying, damn. I didn’t know what true love was until I found you! So when I see people who are blind, in the lust/love continuum, I just have to shake my head. I have to resist the urge to shake the shit outta the person I hear blabbering about, when they’re stating all the reasons why they shouldn’t be with their partner.  So, who or what am I referring to?

As Diana and I completed one of our photo-walks, we ended up on a narrow sidewalk, behind two girls talking about their relationships. The girl on the left is saying, I don’t know what I’m doing. He never wants to take me out. We don’t go out to dinner. We don’t go to the movies. We don’t go to the pub, and we never hang out with friends together. All we ever do is chill at his house and have sex, and its not even that great. BITCH, GET A CLUE! If this has been you in the past, I’m glad its in the past. If this is you now, wake the hell up!! Thats not a relationship. Thats not even a fuck buddy. Thats just a dickhead of a guy, stringing along a poor woman who doesn’t have the strength to walk away. If a guy is treating you like this, pay attention to the signs. No matter how much potential you think you see, its not getting there.

Cut your losses. No seriously, forget about the Wii and kinect you bought him. Leave his Jordan’s and fake promises in the closet. Walk away, cause’ the longer you continue in this situation, the more damage you are doing to yourself. I don’t mean to make it sound one sided guys. There are women who take advantage of us. Power of the pun-tang, I know. But guys are guys and we’re like shit, all she wants is some sex, no commitment. Sign me up. There are those dudes out there that get super got, shame. But back to the ladies, thats the sadder of the circumstances. I just hate to see a woman’s confidence knocked down, because its strength is derived from a lame ass man. Get your strength from the inside. Build it within you. Find your flaws, work on them, but don’t focus all your energy on it. You should focus on where you want to be, instead of where you’re at. You don’t become the boss by focusing on just being a peon. You can use your circumstances to fuel your motivation to change it.
And if I must put it in plain english, here. Here’s your CLUE!

From Diana:
It’s obvious when a man wants you as more than just a fck buddy. Even the manly men have a soft spot for the lady they are really interested in. He always finds the time to be with you and not just to sleep with you. If you are just interested in sleeping with him, cool. Ignore this blog post. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you obviously have feelings for him that he does not have for  you then GET A CLUE and stop making excuses for why he’s acting a certain way. Get rid of him and get yourself someone that likes you and is worth your time. I’m tired of people making up excuses for someone that has no interest in them. Damn shame… it’s especially sucky when people our age (almost 30) are still doing it.

Sorry to have to give you some tough love, but it’s just a quick slap of reality.

2 Replies to “Day 184: Get a clue!”

  1. I was thinking about this post a little more and I would like to say that I have personally been a victim of not having a clue. In previous relationships I was busy making up excuses and reasons in my head that I was blind to all the clues. But, one day I woke up and I swear a huge light bulb went on and illuminated my brain cells with new found wisdom. It was truly a moment of clarity for me and it change my entire perspecitve on relationships and expectations.

    During that moment of clarity is when I learned that it takes a whole lot more than just love to make a relationship work.

    I got the clues (eventually) … will you?


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