I don’t mean to brag I don’t mean to boast but I’m intercontinental when I eat french toast! ~ Beastie Boys

Our dinner get togethers look like a meeting of the United Nations. As you’ve seen before, our friends here range from Japanese and Jordanian, to Iraqi and Kiwi. Its great when it comes to the types of foods you will experience at gatherings like these. Those of you that live near the homestead in Downingtown, know that Diana and I love to feed you and fill you up on booze. Here in Oz, we’re lucky enough to continue doing the same. Recently, a little competition arose over late night eats. We decided to have a cook off, and Omar would be hosting. The losers had to wash all of the dishes. The winner was awarded all of the left overs! Needless to say all of the offerings were great! However, I won this round.

I got the butcher’s cut of lamb chops that I seasoned up and marinated for two days in a lemon pressed olive oil, fresh rosemary & thyme. Once on the barbie, I topped it with chopped tomato and marinated persian feta. The porterhouse was seasoned up and marinated for a couple hours in a dry Cabernet Sauvignon.  As a side, I made minted mashed peas to compliment the lamb. With a load of fresh mint! My test batch had chopped prosciutto and that was awesome! Couldn’t add it to the final product though, womp womp…

We all submitted our votes, and Omar’s sister and sisters friend, took them away to tally our scores. To all of our surprise, they spent time making a “Winners Certificate.” Such a thoughtful gesture, made even sweeter when I saw that it was my name on it.

We can’t wait for the next…Dinner Party Bonanza!

2 Replies to “Day 181: Dinner Party Bonanza!”

  1. No set recipe, but I can say season it like you would chicken. Not to heavy on one particular ingredient, as for me half the fun of lamb is that it taste so much different than your norm. Other than that I put the chops in a large zip lock with lemon pressed olive oil, fresh rosemary & thyme (1/2 bunch of ea. chopped). I let it marinate for a couple days and bam! As for the topping you should be able to find a persian feta at Genardi (sp?) or Giant etc…chop up some cherry tomato and top the lamb chop about 4min's before you're ready to pull it off the grill or out from the oven.


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