A big city club, like I knew Melbourne could do. Actually, I know where they are, we just finally made it out to one. I’ve heard that Sydney is the place to visit if you really want the GREAT club/nightlife. Melbourne is very eclectic. They do bars, pubs, and venues like no other. Everything is very original and very Melbourne. But, I was lacking that big city club experience that you get in Ny. We set out tonight intent on visiting 3 clubs that we’d been talking about. 1st stop was Cabana Club. Down a dodgy alley, I looked for the secret entry and tried knocking on the label-less doors. Nothing. No booming bass, no chatting from the clubs patrons, and no one outside smoking a ciggy. Long story short, they closed down. 2nd stop Marrakech. Damn near empty and definitely not up to par. I wish I could say good attempt, but it was lacking in many ways. Sooo, we ended up at Spice Market. I had looked at pictures and read the reviews. This place looked like where we should have started the night. But I was turned off by the consistently horrible reviews. In two years they had only amassed a 2 out of 5 star rating. This was truly going to be a last resort.

I’m of a certain vintage and am passed being turned away from a club. We got there a little after midnight, and I was expecting the worst. To my surprise, there was no line, no cover, and the people at the door were polite and smiley. When we got in, the decor did not disappoint. The dance floor was packed, the people were good looking & well dress, and the DJ was A O.K. We had a good time there. We will go a couple more times before we say we love it. In the meanwhile, there are a handful of other clubs to check off the list.

Remember, we’re doing this for you. All you guys & girls out there on the interweb that need to find out where to waste your time when you visit Melbourne. We are sacrificing our bodies drinking, dancing, and staying up to wee hours for you! We’re having all this fun for you. This is the most selfless act we can think of and its all to benefit you. All because we love you 🙂

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