Photo by Diana L.

Photo by Adonis L.
Its fun to be involved with Diana’s hobbies. Its not often that I can engage in her interest like she does with mine. Its fun to bounce ideas off of each other. Its even more fun when we are on the same page and our creativity evolves into something that it would not have reached without one another. Funny enough, we were both inspired by the gloomy weather today. We came up with our own variation of the outside the window shot. Without having discussed it prior, we were surprised of how much on the same page we are without even being together. Same idea but different style and execution. I guess in a way it reflects our relationship too. We’re two individuals, brought together because at heart we are the same. We have our own separate interest and ways of doing things. However we find the importance in each others interests, show support, and work towards a common outcome. 

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