Day 175: Part of a Whole

From Diana
It’s been a while since we hit you with some relationshipy stuff, so here goes:
Before we got married I always considered us a partnership. There was no “I” or “me”. It was always “us”, “We” and “ours”. My troubles are his troubles, his worries are my worries. What’s mine is his and what’s his is mine. That way of thinking is one of our marriage mantras.
This concept took a slightly different meaning once we were married and living together. Now, I really am a part of a whole. It’s not conceptual anymore. It is very real. These past few weeks we have experienced some things that we hadn’t in the past and that feeling of “part of a whole” has magnified. I could suddenly feel his pain, his happiness, his joy, and even his desire for a juicy steak! We all have friends and family that we would die for but let me tell you the feeling of “I’d die for you” is different when it comes to your husband. Being part of a whole means that it is impossible to be comfortable if he is uncomfortable, impossible to be happy if he is sad, or even impossible to feel satisfied, if his desires are insatiable. 
I only hope that those that are, part of whole, appreciate what they have. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be one with someone.