Day 167: Northcote High Noon Festival

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On an never-ending pursuit to see our new city, we were obliged to venture out to Northcote to be a part of the annual High Noon Festival. See more here . To sum it up, its an arts festival meets battle of the bands. The streets were filled with the eclectic types we’ve become keen on and townies bearing their brass arms. Music filled the air. The smell of grilled sausage and onions drifted with the breeze and lured us in like a Pepe le pew, Quelle est? Ah, le belle femme skunk fatale.. haha Yes….we had some. Just as delicious as it smelled too! As we walked along we noticed an art gallery advertising a graffiti competition “out back” lol, I won’t even go there. So we shuffled in, hot sausage in hand, and observed the artists at work. Much respect. We have grown fond of Graffiti artist, not just the art. The souls of these  people, how different they all look. Truely a melting pot of people and talent. The festival was fun and we ended the day with a game of basketball. Diana hit a behind the back shot from the free throw line in a game of horse, and I was the first of us to lose…I play football, no skin off my back. After a couple hours of exercise, we headed over to china town to cure D’s dumpling addiction. Full and ready for a lil’ R&R we went home, where we settled in and caught up on Sons of Anarchy.  

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